The series-within-a-film starring The late Paul Marco in his final performance as “Kelton the Cop”, had it’s triumphant premiere on April 20, 2009 on MySpace Russia.  The series is being shown in 14 segments of approximately four minutes each from April 20th to June 3rd at

The character “Kelton the Cop” appeared in three films directed by iconic “Cult” film director Edward D. Wood, Jr., including the legendary PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE(1959), sometimes referred to as “The Kelton Trilogy”.

The film, which was intended as a DVD or cable series detailing  the star/character’s misadventures in the surreal, Noirish twilight area known as “Kelton’s Dark Corner”, was abruptly halted when the actor died during production.

The project rebounded when the storyline was rewritten and redeveloped, utilizing the scenes that had been shot with Marco.  Narration for the remaining two episodes was provided by fellow PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE alumnus Conrad Brooks, while professional “body double” Shelley Michelle provided her experience as the transformed Kelton-into-“Keltonova”.

The KELTON  “superseries” is a collaboration between the film’s director, Vasily Shumov and the newly formed MySpace Russia.  The native Russian born Shumov is one of the country’s most prominent Rock musicians.  A prolific video artist, “KDC” is Shumov’s first feature length project.

KELTON’S DARK CORNER: TRILOGY ONE premire in Mocow (Russia). December 24th, 9PM at
olimpiada80 club. See photos and invites (in Russian) for this events here.


Shelley Michelle, best known for her role as "body double” for Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN, has taken on a new role: as “Keltonova”in KELTON’S DARK CORNER: TRILOGY ONE, she will be standing in for one of the actors who provided the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning film ED WOOD, directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp.

Actor Paul Marco had portrayed “Kelton the Cop” in several of pioneering independent director Edward D. Wood, Jr.’s popular low-budget "cult" epics, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and NIGHT OF THE GHOULS. In more recent times, Marco began shooting a series of “featurettes” geared around his signature "Kelton" persona, filmed in “Picto- Vision”, a unique, retro-style photo animation process.

Unexpectedly, however, Marco died during production. The independently produced film went aground, sending the filmmakers scrambling for a means to salvage the footage that had already been shot It was then decided to create a “trilogy” of segments, vaguely in the style of the old Saturday morning serials, which together would be about the length of a feature film. PLAN 9 “alumnus” Conrad Brooks was called in to complete the narration. Even so, the third chapter was left dangling, without a real resolution.

As fate would have it, Shelley Michelle heard about the KELTON project through her agent, William Adrian, and she soon joined the cast.

Some “eerie parallels” surround the project, however. As was dramatized (from factual events) in the Burton film, Ed Wood, Jr. (Johnny Depp) began shooting scenes for what was to be a feature film starring the elderly Bela Lugosi (Martin Landau, in an Oscar-winning performance). Shortly after filming began, however, Lugosi passed away, and the footage was shelved.

Enter a Baptist minister with movie producer aspirations, and the film was up and running again with financing provided by the minister, and a “double” (actually Wood’s personal chiropractor) to flesh out the role begun by the late Lugosi.

And, Paul Marco was cast as “Kelton the Cop” for the second of three times in a Wood project.

The film eventually became a “cult classic”. Grosses for the film and it’s various tie-ins have been estimated as being in the many millions. This was due, among other things, to the surreal, entertainingly low-budget special effects and the obvious physical differences between Lugosi and his “body double”. In the case of KELTON’S DARK CORNER, tho, and in the spirit of the l low-budget, high quality Tim Burton ED WOOD, the film is done purposely with a tongue planted firmly in cheek, while still paying tribute to Marco and his “career” in the Kelton role.

Another “eerie” coincidence is that Shelley Michelle became involved with the KELTON project mainly due to the underlying fun and exciting aspects of it, while it only became obvious later that her body double “skills” could be put to particularly good use here.

It was decided that, due to supernatural elements already existing in the storyline that the bumbling, hesitant Kelton would (literally) transform into the sexy, imposing “Keltonova”.

The title, TRILOGY ONE implies that the full story may not have been told yet, as Producer/Writer/Director Vasily Shumov still has a few tricks up his sleeve. The “trilogy” structure has long been a form of creative storytelling” says Shumov. “Director Sergio Leone used it not only in his “Dollars Trilogy: with Clint Eastwood, but also his three final films, beginning with ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST.

Paul Marco was drawn to it's concept of a surreal, noirish kind of 'Twilight Zone'. Some who have seen previews of the film feel it may not have run it's full course just yet. Shumov, who was born in Russia, is acknowledged by many as one of the most prominent and innovative Rock musicians that his country has produced. He is also a prolific video artist, KDC is his first “feature length” project.

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